Infosys Hyderabad DC Goes Green this Ganesh Chaturthi

Hyderabad – September 16, 2019: Infosys Hyderabad Development Center (DC) recently concluded the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration. The seven-day long celebration was organized by Mamata Trust, comprising of a group of Infosys Hyderabad employees. The celebration was unique this year as the focus was on an eco-friendly celebration and sharing happiness with the needy.

Mamata Trust had partnered with three NGOs - Mahima Ministries, Asha Kuteer, and Sishumangal to source the list of requirements from them.

Being conscious of the environment, the trust organized an eco-friendly idol making competition for employees, who were asked to make idols using the items required by the NGOs. The teams created beautiful idols of Ganesha using materials like blankets, cutlery, stationery, basic groceries, toys, and utility items.

On the final day, the family members of the employees and the children from the NGOs were invited to join the celebration. There was a procession arranged followed by fun activities, games and performances for employees and visitors. Instead of immersing the idols to mark the end of the festival, the celebration at the Hyderabad DC ended with the items with which the idols were made being given to underprivileged children.

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Infosys Hyderabad DC Goes Green this Ganesh Chaturthi Infosys Hyderabad DC Goes Green this Ganesh Chaturthi