Infosys Thiruvananthapuram DC Renews Commitment to Environment with its ‘Floriculture Week’ 2019

Thiruvananthapuram – November 15, 2019: Infosys Thiruvananthapuram Development Center (DC) recently concluded Floriculture Week 2019. Go Green Club at Infosys Thiruvananthapuram DC spearheaded this environment protection initiative along with its volunteers. The objective of Floriculture Week 2019 was to create awareness around the importance of preserving biodiversity and enabling employees and their families with the knowledge to create gardens at their home.

The sprawling Thiruvananthapuram campus is spread across 50 acres and has more than two lakh flowering and non-flowering shrubs and more than nine thousand trees, which are largely native fruit bearing.

The company partnered with Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council Keralam (VFPCK), Blossom Orchid Garden and Trivandrum Adeniums to organize Floriculture exhibitions and sale counters. The event had various themes. The first theme was floriculture and vegetable cultivation featuring multicolor flower saplings like Hibiscus, Roses, Ixora, Alamanda, Celosia and Chrysanthemum, amongst others. The second theme was Orchids; with many unique and rare varieties such as Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Moltonia were displayed. The third theme was Cacti, Succulents and Bonsai. An agriculture specialist from Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council Keralam (VFPCK) gave the employees a crash course on gardening techniques and pest control using natural repellants.

A mobile phone photography competition was also held encouraging Infoscions to capture photographs of the biodiversity at the campus with the theme ‘#Flowers of Trinfy’ and ‘#Trinfy Landscape’. The competition received an overwhelming response from the employees and the top three winners were rewarded.

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