Infosys Positioned Amongst the Top 10 High-Tech Service Providers by HfS Research

Bangalore - March 15, 2019: Infosys has been ranked third in the HfS Top 10 High-Tech Service Providers 2019 report for enabling high-tech companies to increase agility and evolve their business models. The report examined the role service providers play in the evolving high-tech industry.

HfS Research assessed Infosys for its capabilities across the high-tech value chain comprising sales and marketing, as-a-service business enablement, digital content operations, third part engagement and R&D. In a first of its kind report, the HfS Top 10 High-Tech Service Providers 2019 report evaluated and rated the industry-specific service capabilities of 13 service providers across a defined series of innovation, execution, and voice of the customer criteria. The top 10 firms exhibited a strong mix of service execution excellence, applied innovation, vision and verified customer satisfaction to rise to the top of the study.

Key strengths of Infosys highlighted in the report:

  • Transformation partner for established high-tech companies: Infosys’ high-tech business covers semiconductors and value chain supporters, compute, storage and devices, distributors, and ISVs. It separated from its manufacturing segment a couple of years back in order to better support high-tech needs such as enhancing hardware products with software or implementing AI and automation to optimize operations.
  • Localization: Infosys has been investing heavily in cultivating onshore, locally hired talent in various hubs, generally in close proximity to clients. For high-tech, this translates to California, Texas, Massachusetts, and others.
  • M&A support: Infosys has developed specific competencies in supporting the M&A rife in the tech sector— supporting system consolidation and enabling integration and a single view of customers.
  • Relationships management: Clients commend Infosys for strong relationship management practices and flexibility. Its zero-distance program that emphasizes onshore client engagement and collaboration enhances this.

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