Infosys Donates Solar Electricity to Village Clinic

Being a forerunner in adopting solar energy as one of its key renewable energy sources, Infosys, today, inaugurated the installation of solar power panel generator at Village Clinic run by Padma Shri awardee, Dr. Ramana Rao. This initiative that aims at providing uninterrupted power supply to the clinic was led by Samarpan, the employee volunteering group at Infosys, Bangalore.

Samarpan has been working closely with Village Clinic and supports them in various activities such as queue management, serving lunch to patients, assisting doctors, and distributing free medicines and umbrellas to the needy.

Dr. Rao has been offering free healthcare services to the locals from neighboring villages for the past 44 years. The Village Clinic treats up to 2,000 patients every Sunday.

Fluctuating power supply has been a major problem that impacted the smooth operation of the clinic and caused inconvenience to patients, who are mostly the elderly and travel from remote places to avail medical assistance.

To help the clinic in this cause, Infosys decided to provide Village Clinic with uninterrupted solar power and installed a solar power panel generator of 3150 Watt in the medical center. With the supply of reliable and continuous solar power, the clinic and doctors will be able to extend seamless service to more patients.

Infosys Donates Solar Electricity to Village Clinic

Infosys Donates Solar Electricity to Village Clinic

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