SmartWatt - a bright idea in using energy responsibly

Infosys celebrated World Environment Day 2010 on June 4 by announcing a 'SmartWatt Championship' to encourage responsible power consumption among employees. The contest is a part of a program to spread awareness about using energy smartly and developing sustainable lifestyles. The program was organized jointly by the Infosys Green Initiatives Division, Sustainability 3dotE and Infosys' Professional Skills Development and Education and Research teams.

The six-month long program involves Infoscions and their families to influence energy consumption in residential areas. The activities include organizing lectures, tree planting drives, influencing energy consumption in residential areas, writing articles, etc.

Participants with the highest scores in reducing energy consumption earn credits and win prizes including eco-friendly products such as electric two-wheelers, solar-powered gadgets, LED and CFL lighting equipment.

Infosys' Development Centers celebrated Environment Day by organizing several activities:
  • In Bangalore, Infosys' Green Connect team launched a FOTO-Story contest, a biodiversity quiz. Vendors showcased rain water harvesting systems to help employees comply with the mandate of the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) to provide a rain water harvesting structure.
  • In Bhubaneswar, the ECO Group organized the sale of bicycles on the campus and a Green Model Making contest, where waste materials were used to make eco-friendly products such as decorational lamps and paper bags.
  • In Chennai, the ECO Group organized a quiz to create awareness about the environment and initiated a signature campaign to pledge eco-commitments
  • In Hyderabad, the ECO Group organized a Green Song Lyrics Contest, which invited entries to compose an ECO song for Infosys.