Being successful in the As-a-Service Economy

Today's challenge is not only identifying what the future of operations should look like, it is developing and adhering to a new and collaborative way to re-imagine processes in order to explore what’s possible and execute it.

Being successful in the As-a-Service Economy

HfS's Research Blueprint: Design Thinking in the As-A-service Economy explores the journey in the industry to adopting and executing new ways to collaborate and innovate using Design Thinking. It reviews the overall market penchant for adopting Design Thinking, and evaluates the approach of participating service providers, including leadership, methodology, investment plans, corporate culture, and in-house talent. Unlike other quadrants and matrices, the HfS Blueprint identifies relevant differentials between service providers across a number of facets under two main categories: innovation and execution.

The Research Blueprint identified Infosys as a "Leader in the Winner's Circle – Excellent at Innovation and Execution. HfS picked Infosys for its top spot in execution, recognizing the company's leadership in Design Thinking, client feedback, customer results, real-world delivery solutions, and the company's overall cultural shift and orientation. Among the report's many notable highlights, it shows how Infosys has used Design Thinking to transform its own culture and engage clients in a new way.

View the HfS Blueprint Grid for Design Thinking Adoption