Digital Marketing Simplified!

Infosys BrandEdge™ - The Comprehensive Cloud-based Digital Marketing Platform

Today, digital marketing has become a complex proposition. Marketers have to address multiple brands, markets, products, tools, agencies, languages, compliance requirements and verticals, and each of these entities comes with its set of challenges.

Marketers need a solution that addresses both the consumer-side and enterprise-side of marketing. While the consumer side of marketing includes capturing consumer sentiments and reactions to campaigns, campaign effectiveness and measuring the ROI, enterprise side of marketing includes monitoring campaign efficiency, agency performance and market performance.

Infosys Brandedge™

Infosys BrandEdge™ is a comprehensive Cloud-based platform that simplifies digital marketing. The platform's BLUE (Build, Listen, Understand, Engage) framework enables marketers to efficiently Build digital assets, effectively Listen to and Understand target segments, and easily Engage consumers across digital channels. Offered in the Cloud, the platform's digital asset reuse and audience intelligence capabilities streamline campaign processes, while accelerating deployment of digital marketing initiatives.

The platform, built in partnership with Fabric Worldwide, a WPP company, covers the full spectrum of digital marketing activities - including agency selection and briefing, creation and management of digital properties, coordination with multiple partners and campaign execution to accelerate consumer engagement.

Press Release: Infosys and WPP unveil the first comprehensive cloud-based platform that simplifies digital marketing - Infosys BrandEdge™, in partnership with Fabric, a WPP company

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