Accelerate the deployment of interoperable, secure enterprise cloud solutions

The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA), a global organization where members work together to advance the deployment of enterprise cloud solutions and services that are interoperable, secure and free of vendor lock-in, today welcomed Samson David from Infosys to its Board of Directors.

Samson currently serves as Senior Vice President and Global Head for Cloud and Infrastructure Services, helping clients define and build their cloud and infrastructure strategies, and run end-to-end IT operations.

Infosys and ODCA share a common vision of delivering a unified cloud ecosystem for enterprises, which is interoperable, secure and seamless. Bringing deep industry experience, Infosys will work towards advancing the next generation of enterprise-ready cloud implementations based on ODCA usage models and requirements.

ODCA is an independent IT consortium comprised of global IT leaders who work actively to shape the future of cloud computing – a future based on open, interoperable standards. ODCA’s membership includes more than 400 companies spanning multiple continents and industries that share their vision of seamless and secure cloud computing.

Their Technical Workgroups are defining a new class of IT requirements for the transformation of data center computing that are bound to benefit all the members of the complex cloud ecosystem – enterprise IT cloud customers, cloud solution or service providers, and cloud vendors.

Published with the permission of ODCA