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Infosys CEO: 'The Global Delivery Model has a long way to go'

Kris Gopalakrishnan, CEO, Infosys Technologies, believes that Infosys is geared to take its Global Delivery Model to the next level. In an interview with CIOL.com, Kris spelt out his vision and discussed the company's growth plans.

According to Kris, the Global Delivery Model can be adapted to deliver new services, solutions and consulting. "Global Delivery Model offers the opportunity to increase penetration with existing clients in new markets and geographies and expand the service footprint."

Kris spoke about Infosys' plans to impact growth. He said that Infosys is leveraging its service portfolio to harness opportunities in remote infrastructure management, business process outsourcing and independent validation and testing. Kris added that Infosys is also exploring opportunities in the domestic market as Indian companies are increasingly adopting mature IT services.

Kris said that Infosys is addressing the appreciating Indian Rupee by "looking at geographical redistribution of revenue as the Rupee has not appreciated as much against the Euro and the Yen." He also mentioned that the company is increasing efficiencies in operations, improving workforce productivity and focusing on services that deliver higher margins.

Kris discussed Infosys' plans for mergers and acquisitions. He said that Infosys' strategy is to make fewer acquisitions, but ensure that they are successful.

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