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Globalization is not a recent phenomenon: Kris Gopalakrishnan, CEO, Infosys

In the latest of a series of interviews for the Kaplan-Newsweek MBA program, Richard M. Smith, Chairman, Newsweek, spoke with Kris Gopalakrishnan, CEO, Infosys.

To support his contention that globalization has always existed, Kris noted that there have always been waves of people moving and work moving. He pointed out that access to talent is fast becoming the biggest challenge for any company, and that rather than taking away jobs, globalization was throwing up several job opportunities - for overseas talent as well as locals.

"Access to talent is going to be the biggest challenge for any company," Kris told Newsweek. "Even though India has a billion people, we only produce about 450,000 engineers, and for IT services we primarily recruit engineers. India is also a fast-growing economy -it's growing at around 8 to 10 percent annually-which means there is tremendous demand for these engineers from other sectors of industry. There are multiple things we're doing to manage this challenge. We want to be sure that we're a company of choice."

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