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Ideas to change lives, solutions to transform industry: Nandan Nilekani

How does one address climate change and provide solutions for the retail industry at the same time? By blending engineering skills with workable solutions, according to Nandan Nilekani, Co-Chairman, Infosys.

Nandan's leadership is characterized by getting deeply involved in issues to create a "seminal impact". He offers solutions by using engineering principles to grasp moving parts and deconstruct an issue into challenges, constraints, assets and advantages.

Mint Lounge describes Nandan as an ideas person who is focused on solutions. Nandan believes in issues that have a "multiplier" effect. He says that by lending his voice, he gives momentum to issues such as environment sustainability and legal reform.

His unique style of leadership is summed up by N. R. Narayana Murthy, Chairman of the Board and Chief Mentor, Infosys: "A good leader is one who can connect a bird's-eye view with a worm's-eye view of the world. Nandan is very good with the bird's-eye-view."

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