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Infosys to Open Development Center in Mexico, its First in Latin America

This branch will be Infosys' first in Latin America for the development of software.

The state Chief Executive made it clear that the city of Monterrey will soon come to be viewed as a strategic location for information technology and software worldwide.

State Governor, José Natividad González Parás, announced the establishment of the Indian information technology service company, Infosys, in Nuevo León; this will be the company's first plant in Latin America.

Accompanied by Secretary of Economic Development, Alejandro Páez Aragón, Director of the Institute for Technological Innovation and Transfer, Antonio Zárate Negrón, and (Infosys Senior Vice President & Head - Banking & Capital Markets) Ashok Vemuri, the Governor of Nuevo León said India is a country that has bet heavily on the development of technology and knowledge. It is a world leader in the information technology and software fields.

At the Alternative Government Offices, González Parás recalled a meeting he held with Infosys executives at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland early this year, as well as the fact that a few months later this major global company decided to establish its first location in Latin America in the city of Monterrey.

The Governor underlined the reasons for this decision as, among others, the intellectual capital offered by our State, the human capital of our university graduates, and the efforts that the academic institutions, the business community, and the government have been making to turn the software industry into one of our strategic areas of development.

"They noticed the formation of the software cluster, the academic improvement programs in training of intellectual capital in this area of knowledge, and the other programs we have developed. We are extremely pleased that they have made this decision," remarked the governor.

González Parás predicted that there will soon be thousands of engineers and professionals in Nuevo León, working with researchers and professionals from India, and activities will be performed in our State that would otherwise have been carried out in other parts of the world.

He said that, especially in view of the time schedules in the Western Hemisphere, work will be done in North America, Central America, and South America, along with transactions with other Spanish-speaking countries.

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