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Offshore Thaw

In an interview with The Australian, Infosys Australia Managing Director Gary Ebeyan relates how people are realizing that offshoring makes our companies globally competitive.

Writing in The Australian, Simon Hayes reveals that the largest player in Australia and India is Infosys, which employs 650 staff in Australia and about 40,000 worldwide. Infosys has a large development centre in Melbourne that mainly services the Telstra account.

Ebeyan feels that the government was never against the use of global IT, though some customers themselves and the initial negative media coverage made people nervous. However, now the press themselves are starting to realize the advantages. Ebeyan says, "Some customers remain concerned about the pitfalls of taking work overseas, but an increasing number are adopting offshoring with confidence. Some are very advanced in their understanding, while some are still getting on board. A number of deals are being finalized now. Although price and cost arbitrage is the first thought for customers, they quickly think about the availability of labor and the talent pool as well."

Ebeyan does not see rising salaries in India as impairing the large cost advantage and points to how offshoring allows Australian companies to avoid any crisis arising from skills shortage.

Published with permission of The Australian

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