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Financial Times: 'Playing fair is good business'

Article notes Infosys chairman's 'unflinching standards' on corporate governance and transparency

In the context of Infosys' 25th anniversary, Financial Times published a story based on interviews with Infosys Chairman and Chief Mentor N.R. Narayana Murthy.

'Playing fair is good business' (July 31, 2006) traces the milestones in Infosys' transformation into a competitive global IT services company. According to the article: "Infosys crossed the $2bn mark in revenues in 2005, after taking 23 years to reach $1bn in annual sales, from outsourced offshore services that have revolutionized the way companies in North America and Europe operate their businesses."

In an allusion to Infosys' pioneering corporate governance practices, the report cites: 'Mr. Murthy's status in India stems largely from his unflinching standards on corporate governance, transparency and meritocracy.'


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Published with permission of The Financial Times

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