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Infosys ranks No. 9 on The Wired 40

Wired Magazine has ranked Infosys Technologies at No. 9 on its 'Wired 40' list for 2005. Infosys moved up two places from last year's ranking of 11, ahead of IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Dell and Nokia. The list has been published in the May 2005 issue of Wired Magazine.

Wired 40 described this year's winners as 'masters of technology and innovation' and 'global thinkers driven by strategic vision'. Applauding Infosys for turning the outsourcing myth on its head and bringing jobs back to the US, Wired Magazine wrote:

'The caricature of the Indian outsourcing industry as a voracious monster bent on devouring US jobs isn't just oversimplified, it's obsolete. Case in point: Infosys. The Indian coding shop, which garnered $1.1 billion in sales last year, is hiring 500 employees for Infosys Consulting, a $20 million foray into high-end IT advice based in - guess again - Fremont, California. Dirt-cheap outsourcing plus strategic guidance makes for a powerful combination - and one that moves jobs back to the US.'

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