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United Utilities achieves flexibility with Infosys' SOA solution

Solution will help us save time and money, United Utilities' systems architect tells ITWeek

United Utilities wanted to modernize the IT infrastructure of its electricity, water and wastewater networks. The UK company was exploring an SOA solution to reduce its dependence on legacy mainframes.

United Utilities selected Infosys from a field of 20 consultancies, offshore system integrators and service providers. Infosys’ SOA solution ensured regulatory compliance and improved customer service by upgrading back-end systems. In addition, the Infosys team developed a framework of methodologies and reusable software tools that enabled scalability, flexibility and modularity of United Utilities’ systems.

“This was quite a complex project and Infosys has done extremely well,” Allan Nurney, United Utilities’ business systems architect, told ITWeek. "(The) Infosys solution will help the company save time and money when it comes to updating other systems in the future."

Published with permission of ITWeek

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