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Process innovation wins two USPTO patents for Infosys

Infosys was granted patents in mobile communications and holography by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Software Engineering and Technology Labs (SETLabs), the research group of Infosys, was granted patents for 'Displaying holographic 3-D images' and 'Method and system for providing reliable and fast communications with mobile entities'.

The patent titled 'Displaying holographic three dimensional (3-D) images' describes the realization of 3-D communication using computer-generated holography to send/receive information and the associated optical elements required to make a lightweight handset.

The patent titled 'Method and system for providing reliable and fast communications with mobile entities' proposes a mobile Internet Protocol-based solution to support generic mobility over heterogeneous networks.

According to Subu Goparaju, head, SETLabs, Infosys focuses on research areas such as malleable architecture, pervasive access, flexible processes and personalized information, and looks at how R&D can help Infosys clients. "The idea is to do faster innovation and how we can help clients in adopting new technologies."

Established in 2000, SETLabs has over 500 researchers, engineers and consultants dedicated to R&D. SETLabs has filed over 100 patent applications in the last 18 months


Published with permission of The Economic Times

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