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Infosys: "Global Consulting Powerhouse" - ZapThink

Infosys, a Bangalore-based IT professional services and systems integration firm, is one of the fastest rising stars in the global IT services industry. The company, started in the early 1980's with just a handful of employees, now has over 30,000 employees worldwide with revenues exceeding $1 billion US annually. What makes the firm even more amazing is that while most professional services firms saw dramatic reductions in revenue or even disappeared entirely in the days following the dot-com crash, Infosys' business continued to grow at an amazing, 30% a year. For some, this Wall Street darling seems almost recession-proof.

Web Services and SOA factor into their growth story by providing the technical underpinnings for achieving even greater amounts of efficiency and business value for their customers. This ZapNote explores Infosys' overall business and one of the implementation frameworks they have developed to bootstrap Web Services implementations by providing an infrastructure for implementing SOA.

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