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Infosys U: 'More Competitive Than Gaining Admission to Harvard'

- Fortune magazine

Fortune magazine takes a tour of Infosys’ $120 million education infrastructure, where the selection process is more rigorous than getting into Harvard.

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In the global war for talent, companies and economies are realizing that they can only go as far as the talent and skills of their workforce. As economies expand their global presence, developing human capital has become a top priority.

Infosys U — grooming global talent
Last year, over 1.3 million people applied for a job at Infosys. Only 1% of them were hired. In comparison, Harvard College took in 9% of candidates.

Infosys has always focused on inducting and educating the best and the brightest. With global hiring practices, coupled with ever-expanding university programs such as Campus Connect and development centers across the globe, Infosys is able to source and nurture talent while delivering lasting value to clients.

Infosys U, which trains over 15,000 new recruits every year, is well prepared to win the battle for top-notch talent. At the heart of this education program is a fully equipped $120 million facility in Mysore, about 90 miles from Bangalore.

Infosys in the spotlight
In 2005, Computerworld magazine, while ranking Infosys among the 100 best places to work in IT, placed it at the very top of the list of best places for education and training.

In its March 2006 issue, Fortune magazine stepped inside the gates of ‘Infosys U.’ and emerged with the impression that gaining admission to the ‘Taj Mahal of training centers’ is harder than getting into Harvard.

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