The human eye might miss, technology does not: PV Sindhu

Badminton Champion PV Sindhu shares her experiences, learnings, milestones, and appreciation for technology in a discussion with Dennis Gada of Infosys


  • PV Sindhu started playing Badminton without serious thought but found it enjoyable, and today, she is a reigning world champion
  • The breakthrough moment, for Sindhu, came after she defeated Li Xuerui
  • Technology helps understand more about the strategy, and strokes, says Sindhu

Something that started just for fun at the age of eight, eventually led to this sportsperson becoming one of the highest-rated Badminton players in the world.

This person is none other than Pusarla Venkata Sindhu, more popularly known as PV Sindhu.

Recently Dennis Gada, Industry Head - Financial Services, Infosys, caught up with Sindhu and discussed her life in sports, her wins, and how she believes in constant learning.

Also, how it all started by sheer playfulness.

She started playing Badminton without serious thought, while her parents played Volleyball in a nearby court. She continued playing as she enjoyed the game. And thereafter, she never stopped.

“It was never like I want to be a world champion, and an Olympic champion, at that point of time,” says Sindhu. But step-by-step, and year-by-year, she kept improving with tremendous support from her coaches, and her parents, who she considers her strongest pillars.

The breakthrough moment, however, Sindhu notes, came after she defeated Li Xuerui, who had then won the gold medal in the London 2012 Olympic games.

“I beat her. And then I was confident that I can also do really well, and I can improve my game,” says Sindhu. Since then she has excelled as a player in the global arena.

As a sportsperson, Sindhu expresses the importance that technology holds today, and how it adds to the experience of the game. Not only for players but also spectators, she says, adding that this is especially true for the sport of Tennis.

“The technology used in the tournament is really good,” says Sindhu, mentioning how technology helps understand more about the strategy, and the strokes, among other things.

“Even though human mind, or eyes might miss once or twice, but I think technology…doesn't miss that one thing,” she notes.

Keep learning and keep growing come across as Sindhu’s mantra when it comes to her sporting endeavors. As she reminisces her experience of winning the Silver Medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics, in Rio de Janeiro, she mentions how she gave her 100% to the game.

“It was just not my day,” says Sindhu.

“But I'm happy that I got a Silver medal… I must say that my life has changed after that,” she says, with a smile on her face, that exemplifies the spirit of a winner.

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