Infosys Joins Global Leaders at Annual Customer Forum to Drive Global Outsourcing Agenda

Milan 2003: More Companies Report Outsourcing Drives Business Value and Innovation, Than Cuts Costs

Fremont, Calif. - September 15, 2003

To create a forum for customers, partners and industry thought leaders to focus on innovation and progress, Infosys hosted its ninth annual Milan last week in Dana Point, Calif. This year's Milan - sanskrit for "meeting of minds" - addressed today's most critical business initiatives and solutions, and the expert global sourcing approaches that are helping businesses prosper in the burgeoning global marketplace.

"A few select ESPs have matured to the point of holding client events at the level achieved by Infosys" said Frances Karamouzis, Research Analyst, Gartner. "Their recent customer event [Milan] attracted more than 250 attendees. Beyond the number of attendees, the caliber of attendees was impressive."

Over one hundred North American corporations were represented at Milan, 90% of which are generating revenues over $1 billion. Infosys led sessions examining the fundamental paradigms of global delivery to bring higher value to attendees.

"Offshore outsourcing is shifting from 'better, faster, cheaper' to 'better, faster, more,'" said Dean Davison, Research Analyst, META. "While the shift is primarily rhetoric today, clients are reacting positively to future strategies to use offshore outsourcing to get more: more quality, more projects, more innovation, more alignment with business. The shift reflects a more fundamental change in IT organization priorities from leveraging offshore as a cost-cutting initiative to leveraging global resources, usually via offshore outsourcing."

"Global sourcing is adding substantial value to businesses around the globe," said Nandan M. Nilekani, President and CEO, Infosys. "From the retail sector, to the manufacturing sector, to the financial services sector, companies are automating tasks, reducing costs, offering new revenue- producing services and setting themselves apart from the competition."

To help attendees discover how to take best practices and forward-thinking concepts from Milan, and implement these concepts into their own enterprises, Infosys conducted multiple real-time surveys; the responses to these surveys echo the mainstream adoption of the global delivery model and the value realized by Infosys' clients from global sourcing:

  • Widespread increase in the use of outsourcing during 2004. As many as 89% respondents expected their outsourcing to increase during 2004, with over 50% expecting a significant increase by more than 10%.
  • Best-of-breed model for outsourcing gaining favor. A significant majority (81%) of the respondents preferred to use a best-of-breed approach to selecting outsourcing providers.
  • Utilize offshoring as a key business strategy in 2004. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of the respondents, up from 48% in 2002, indicated that they plan to increase to use of offshore outsourcing as a chosen strategy. A further 20% of respondents expect their use of offshore outsourcing to increase, even though it was a not strategic thrust to do so.

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