Clarification On The Business Standard Article: “What’s Ailing Infosys"

Bangalore, India – July 20, 2012

The story Opens in a new window in today's edition of Business Standard implies that the CEO and CFO of Infosys have a divergent point of view on the pricing impact for the year. This is inaccurate for the following reasons:

Please refer to the transcript of the television interview in question here, where Mr. S. D. Shibulal, CEO & Managing Director of Infosys and Mr. V Balakrishnan, CFO of Infosys have both stated through the course of the interview that pricing is a factor of the portfolio mix and as the mix continues to shift there would be a price impact, just as we witnessed this quarter. The company always factors the current quarter pricing to prevail for the rest of the year when they provide guidance for the year. We reiterate that overall Infosys is seeing a stable pricing environment and the pricing impact that we have seen in this quarter is not a secular trend.