Statement: Infosys Clarifies Speculation on MCA21

Infosys recently won a 6.5-year contract to develop and maintain the MCA21, an application suite offered by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Opens in a new window. To begin, this involved the transition of support responsibilities from the former service provider. As a policy, we do not comment on individual clients or projects. However, recently there have been speculative reports in the media related to the transitioning of the MCA21 to Infosys. Hence we would like to highlight a few relevant points.

Transitioning a large application suite like MCA21 at the best of times is complex. Successful transition depends upon the current state and stability of the applications and the full cooperation of both service providers. We believe that we have fulfilled all our obligations as per the contract. We have been in constant touch with the Ministry and provided all information relevant to the architecture and functioning of the portal. Till date, Infosys has made no significant changes to the system, which continues to run in the old environment, which is managed by the incumbent vendor, Tata Communications. Any reports that imply that the instability in the MCA21 applications is on account of our negligence are misguided. We are working with the ministry to ensure that the system performs to its optimal level. We are very proud to be associated with this prestigious project and are committed to make this happen.