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Infosys Nia is a Knowledge-based platform that brings machine learning together with the deep knowledge of an organization, to drive automation and innovation – enabling organizations to amplify their capabilities, and businesses to continuously reinvent their system landscapes. Infosys Nia, dramatically lowers the cost of maintenance for both physical and digital assets; captures the knowledge and know-how of people, and fragmented and complex systems; simplifies the continuous renovation of core business processes; and enables businesses to bring new and delightful user experiences leveraging state of the art technology.

Infosys Nia Data is a comprehensive open source analytics platform that enables enterprises to get insights on their operations faster and take suitable and timely action. Infosys Nia comprises a single-click installer, data ingestion and data exploration frameworks, an administration workbench, and out-of-the-box integration with R Studio for data science. This allows enterprises to easily deploy, operate and get quick results from their end-to-end data pipeline.

If your data warehouse size and license costs are increasing, you can migrate certain business workloads on Infosys Nia Data. This will help you improve performance cost-effectively while reducing your licensing cost. Infosys Nia Data is the platform of choice for enterprises that want to combine diverse workloads or data sources within and outside the organization to get more and better insights.

Infosys leverages business domain expertise and data science best practices to enable our clients to quickly deploy and use Infosys Nia Data. Infosys Nia Data is a complete stack – from open source distribution and tooling to the services layer. It can be deployed on premises, public or private cloud or can be hosted by the Infosys data center. Infosys Nia Data is currently available on AWS marketplace and will soon be available on other marketplaces such as Azure where customers can access pre-installed Infosys Nia Data nodes over cloud. Customers can also download a trial version of Infosys Nia Data using AWS Test Drive and subscribe to or buy Infosys Nia Data from AWS marketplace.

Yes; all the runtime components in Infosys Nia Data are open source. For any code that is generated when you ingest or transform data, the corresponding open source code is also generated. As part of Infosys Nia Data we have made certain changes to open source components which are committed back into open source.

Some of the unique features of Infosys Nia Data include data ingestion, data pipeline, data modelling, data science, R studio integration, NLP Integration, and rich visualization to enable rapid development of insights.

Yes, your developers can use Infosys Nia Data to build applications and enhance the platform offering.

Infosys Nia Data can work with existing data management infrastructure across industries. Infosys Nia Data is a data lake and can source data from existing data management into Infosys Nia Data for analysis. We support common data management tools such as MySQL, HANA, DB2, etc.

Infosys Nia Data has several use cases across industries. These include:

  • Predictive analytics for maintenance
  • Customer churn analysis
  • Risk exposure analytics
  • Fraud analytics
  • Trade data analysis and regulatory reporting
  • Real-time machine learning
  • Working capital allocation optimization
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