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Digital Marketing

Marketers spend significant time in creating digital assets and properties with internal and external stakeholders. This generally happens in silos and mostly offline. In order to be effective, the way forward is to build collaboration capabilities that will help deliver a superior consumer experience.

The social Web today is abuzz with consumer conversations – both good and bad – about products and services. Many enterprises are trying to build a social business by embracing social media tools and ramping up their digital presence. They also need to appeal to each consumer keeping in perspective their preferences and interests.

Infosys BrandEdge is the first comprehensive cloud-based platform that simplifies digital marketing. The BLUE framework of this digital marketing platform enables marketers to efficiently build digital assets, effectively listen to and understand target segments, and easily engage consumers across a wide array of digital channels.

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Infosys Omni-Channel Personalization Engine presents personalized content to each consumer regardless of the access channel, time, and location. In addition, it also enables retailers to get a unique view into consumer behavior and campaign-effectiveness while providing effective controls to fine-tune the output.

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Infosys SocialEdge consumer suite enables enterprises to deepen consumer engagement and enhance consumer experience by leveraging the power of social media. It enables enterprises to listen and respond to consumer conversations, engage in two-way communication with them, and bring together relevant and useful enterprise content. All this is easily available to consumers even on smart handheld devices. The Infosys SocialEdge consumer portfolio comprises of consumer engagement, collaborative marketing, social commerce, and customer care solutions.

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