Thought Leadership Paper: Journey From Talent Transformation to Digital Change Management

Infosys-Appian partnership

Today’s workforce comprises growing numbers of digital natives who thrive on immersive and personalized digital experiences. Clearly, the demand for digital skills is a resonating theme in the present and future workforce. It is no surprise then that digital change management (DCM) and talent transformation are key concerns for today’s organizations that want to cement their business advantage.

Digital transformation initiatives are growing in popularity and nearly every industry is either evaluating or implementing digital technologies in some way or form to improve efficiency, productivity, customer reach, and revenue. Digital skillsets are one of the most important factors for successful transformation.

We developed this thought leadership paper to highlight how Infosys Wingspan can help companies navigate their next in terms of transforming their workforce to be ready for tomorrow. This paper includes a recent Gartner report titled, “Employee Digital Dexterity Is An Essential Element of The Next-Generation Workforce,” which outlines the importance of digital dexterity in today’s workplace. We believe this aligns well with our philosophy at Infosys.

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