Driving the Learning Revolution

Badri Ravi - Principal Consultant, HRO Practice and Infosys Wingspan

With increased turbulence in market conditions and accelerating changes in the business world, the only true competitive advantage that an organization possibly has is its people, who can navigate an organization through difficult conditions successfully. But the real challenge is how can organizations accelerate learning?

Let's take a closer look at how Ben, Chris, and Anna are navigating their next in their respective fields of work.

Changing Learning Patterns

Ben is a young lad who lives and works in London. He is constantly connected to the Internet and is socially active. He has high aspirations and wants to grow while balancing his work life. His organization has given him several opportunities to grow; his manager has enrolled him for classroom trainings but he ends up missing a few because of his tight work schedules and client meetings that are difficult to defer. His learning lead has assigned a few e-learning courses but making himself available for an hour on his laptop is something that Ben dreads. Ben wishes to learn but wants quick bits at a time when he needs them the most.

Ben’s organization has implemented ‘Infosys Wingspan’ which Ben is looking forward to leverage. It will give Ben many learning options: e-learning, podcast, video snippets, et al. So, Ben, who loves listening to podcasts while on the tube to work, will now be able to make better use of his time.

Ben also ends up spending a lot of time waiting between his meetings. The micro-learning courses on Infosys Wingspan helps Ben learn during those hours when he is waiting for the next meeting, juggling between his laptop, mobile, and iPad — all devices and resume learning from where he left the last time. Ben feels the experience is very seamless and enables continuous and enriched learning.

During one of his ‘mentorship coffee meets’ Ben learns about how the analytics domain is disrupting his field of work. He wants to be on top of the curve and decides to find how he can learn more about analytics and its impact on his field of work. Ben searches on Infosys Wingspan by typing ‘Analytics’ and is surprised to see several content pieces and courses available under ‘Explore related concepts’. Ben is happy to see that he can not only access course contents available within his company, but also access contents available from sources such as Ted, Coursera, Udacity, and more! He explores the subject further and shortlists courses based on their ratings as well as handpicks courses suggested by the leaders that he admires. This helps Ben create a unique learning pathway for himself.

Over the next few weeks, Ben juggles between work and learning, thus gaining expertise in the field of analytics. Ben realizes that he has ready access to other learners and mentors on Infosys Wingspan, which he finds very useful to debate few points and gain more insights on the subject. Infosys Wingspan continuously suggests more courses to Ben based on the courses taken by others pursuing the same learning pathways. This helps Ben stumble upon some great learning content which he had not accessed earlier. Within a few weeks, Ben is surprised to know how confident he has become on the subject that was neither suggested by his manager nor his learning lead.

On a fine evening, while commuting to home, Ben watches a webinar by the Senior Vice President of his company on how the field of analytics is changing the way his organization will function in the future. In this webinar, he learns that an exclusive team is being formed to navigate his organization into the future. An elated Ben immediately jumps at this opportunity and volunteers to join this team!

Digital Wave in the Mining Industry

Chris is a Sr. Vice President of a large mining company. In his 25 years of experience, Chris had never seen such disruption in this industry driven by the need to further enable efficiency, effectiveness, and environmentally safe operations. The industry has witnessed several mergers and acquisitions (M&A activity) for building global scale and has embraced ’digital’ in every aspect of mining to drive maturity. Every passing year has observed an increased pace of change and this has kept Chris awake at night, worrying about how he will train and upskill his workforce on the new ways of working.

Chris met a few folks from Infosys who introduced him to Wingspan, a platform that helps drive digital adoption in his organization by helping build a future ready workforce. Wingspan allows his workforce to explore how their current roles will evolve with digital, and guides them to learn and practice new ways of working, especially in the mining industry. The analytics and reporting functionality in Wingspan allows Chris to see how his large teams (largely distributed across mines in all continents) are consuming this content.

Chris chooses to implement Wingspan in his organization and is very pleased to see the enthusiasts, visionaries, and pragmatists adopt learning content and spearhead implementation of digital initiatives. He is a much happier leader today, feeling more empowered to steer the company through this digital wave.

Reimagine Corporate University

Anna is a charismatic leader of a corporate university at a global organization. She has had a splendid career in the field of corporate learning and is very passionate about lifelong learning. She grew quickly, given the huge investments many companies made towards building corporate universities in the early 1990s. But over time, she finds that corporate universities are losing relevance and budgets.

Attracting corporate executives to the learning centre and driving competency development has become difficult. Dwindling budgets have led Anna to look for breakthrough innovation to turn around the university that is so dear to her. She believes that the corporate university is looking at the organization’s long-term vision and not on the immediate needs.

With changing market conditions, the university needs to be more focused on meeting immediate business needs. Anna also wanted to replace the university’s rigorous classroom attendance-based approach with a free market approach of allowing participants to complete courses at their discretion, accessing and completing courses of their choice with formats that suits them. Anna always believed that the purpose of the university is not content / competency alone. She wanted to drive learning through social interactions and wanted to complement classroom interaction with digital classes and digital cohorts.

With these ideas in mind, Anna was looking for partners who could jointly reimagine the future of the corporate university. She learnt about Infosys Corporate University, one of the largest corporate universities in the world, and was fascinated with their digital adoption. She invited some of the learning leaders from Infosys University to share their digital journey and was happy to learn how Infosys has augmented its university with Wingspan, internally called Lex. She was excited to learn how the university is bringing together the best of traditional learning with next-gen learning to renew its corporate university at Mysore. Anna wanted to adopt Wingspan and also adopt the new measure of effectiveness of the courses provided by Wingspan. Equipped with a digital platform and ideas to transform learning, Anna is now confident to turn around the corporate university of her organization and build a stronger talent advantage.

Infosys Wingspan can help transform learning at your organization. Please write to wingspan_marketing@infosys.com for a customized solution that delivers talent competitive advantage for your organization.