Infosys – Microsoft: Agile transformation of legacy system and IT delivery


Like many enterprises looking at ways to better engage customers and partners and leveraging inputs from these interactions to drive future strategy, Microsoft Corporation wanted to modernize its Partner Program portal and improve the interface to enhance the way it engaged its resale partners across the globe. This portal resides at the core of Microsoft’s business and is the primary channel through which its partners access services such as enrollment, product training, and incentive programs; to name a few.

Given the importance of the Partner Program portal to enable revenue, Microsoft wanted to improve its partner experience with the portal and improve the speed of updates. It decided to modernize the existing platform and embrace an Agile development model.

Microsoft engaged Infosys to deliver an enhanced Partner Program while simultaneously introducing and scaling Agile practices into the project.

Hansa Iyengar, Senior Analyst – Advanced Digital Services at Ovum, studied this program and identified some critical success factors for large Agile engagements. Read this case study to understand more about this program, how Infosys delivered this complex program successfully, and the value Microsoft got from this successful engagement.

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