Infosys applied AI: What’s it all about?

We are at the second AI inflection point, with increased focus on enterprise grade AI (first being consumer AI some years back). Rapid digitization, preparedness of enterprises for the future, cost imperatives, and of course business continuity in times of the pandemic have only fueled this further. Digital natives are competing with large enterprises too.

Infosys applied AI converges the power of AI, analytics and cloud to deliver new business solutions and perceptive experiences for the enterprises. The integrated offering will future-proof and efficiently scale AI investments enterprise-wide, manage the risks, and enable businesses ready access to deploy and contextualize services from the applied AI cloud.

Tune in to Ravi Kumar S, President, Infosys Ltd., as he shares with us more about how this offering from Infosys will help businesses across industries discover, democratize and derisk AI to drive significant value, while building resilience into their operating model and uncovering smart innovations.