Infosys applied AI: Where (all) can enterprises apply it?

We can’t emphasize enough how important data is. More so now as sources are umpteen. Enterprises really need to be able to make use of this as that’s where all the value is. And in all this, having the right partner makes all the difference – who can guide, extract value out of it, and use this to drive engaging experiences, as business models see a shift.

Post pandemic, there is an increased drive to digitalization, underpinned by data-based predictive decision making, AI, and cloud adoption. All of these have led to acceleration of AI in enterprises. The trend has been that enterprises are ardent when it comes to AI adoption however, it take longer to fully execute given the need to comply with regulatory complexities. Infosys applied AI – converging AI, analytics and cloud, is helping enterprises overcome all of these while future-proofing their AI-transformation.

Tune in to this very interesting conversation between Mohit Joshi, President, Infosys Ltd., and Ben Evans, a thought leader in technology trends and an independent analyst, as they discuss the shifts and catalysts encouraging scaling adoption of AI.