Applied AI: For a diverse, more human enterprise

The increasing convergence of AI with other technologies has opened up many new opportunities for businesses.

Infosys, through applied AI, has also converged the power of analytics, AI, and cloud together to scale and future-proof transformation.

The UK Center for Data Ethics and Innovation published an AI barometer this year, highlighting the most pressing opportunities and risks associated with AI and data use in the region. They emphasized the importance of high-quality data sets in unlocking greater possibilities with AI.

Critical to the success of AI is diversity. This means ensuring that the talent who are creating AI models and the workforce adopting them are from distinct groups and backgrounds, incorporating as many viewpoints as possible. This unlocks a movement away from unconscious societal biases, which will open up the next level of performance and outcomes across organizations. Tantamount to this is the concept of ethical AI, or AI used to improve society in a humane and conscionable manner.

Watch Mohit Joshi, the President of Infosys, in conversation with Jacqueline De Rojas CBE, the President of techUK and Chair of the Digital Leaders Board, discussing opportunities in AI for the UK; now, post-pandemic recovery, and beyond.

Also, find out why enterprises need to consider people and diversity when they consider their AI adoption.