Cyber Talk Series

Get on-board with the latest in cybersecurity space

Infosys introduces the Cyber Talk Series, a series of videos where Vishal Salvi - CISO and Head of CyberSecurity, Infosys discusses various aspects of cybersecurity with industry leaders.

Infosys assures digital trust and cyber resilience at scale to its customers through innovation, service excellence and competence by adopting its proprietary S34D principle.

Deciphering Latest Cybersecurity Trends – Fireside Chat with Infosys and Information Security Forum

Watch Vishal Salvi, Infosys and Steve Durbin, Information Security Forum in an engaging discussion around embedding robust security practices across organizations. They throw light on the importance of adopting Security by Design and Security by Default framework while democratizing cybersecurity. To know more, watch this video.

Accelerate your SASE journey with ZTNA 2.0- Fireside Chat with Palo Alto Networks and Infosys

Watch Vishal Salvi, Infosys and Kumar Ramachandran, Palo Alto Networks engage in a lively discussion about cybersecurity practices, the need for a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture with a Zero Trust solution, and the value the partnership brings to the customer. To know more, watch this video.

Cybersecurity - The Way Ahead: Cyber Talk with Vishal Salvi and Professor Ross Anderson

Watch Vishal Salvi - CISO and Head of CyberSecurity at Infosys and Ross Anderson, Professor of Security Engineering at Cambridge University in an engaging discussion about key issues in cybersecurity and information security, need for sustainability (connecting multiple devices for a longer duration) among consumers and modernization of applications. They highlight the need for implementing Secure by Design in the modernization process and identifying current and future threats among stakeholders while designing the architecture.