Trust or Zero Trust, That’s the Question – Article on

The digital world we live in today is witnessing a sudden surge in cyber-attacks owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. As organizations are adopting the new normal of working, hackers are taking advantage of the vulnerabilities in the system, making it extremely essential for all stakeholders in an organization to embrace the zero-trust policy.

For a CISO, trust and risk management go hand in hand. A CISO strives to balance risk acceptance and risk mitigation decisions so as to create more trust. And once the trust is built, zero trust thinking can make it even stronger because eventually the real outcome of zero trust is ‘trust’!

Read the article on by Vishal Salvi, Chief Information Security Officer and Head of Cyber Security Practice at Infosys where he explains the Zero Trust Model in cybersecurity, emphasizing that it is no longer accurate to subscribe to the traditional model of perimeter-based security and how important it is to implement the cybersecurity controls inside the perimeter across people, data, devices and networks, by leveraging a combination of tactics including identification, authentication and authorization.

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