Analytics-driven integrated cyber security platform for comprehensive security monitoring, management, and remediation

How Infosys delivers value through its Cyber Security Platform


Enterprises going digital has hastened the shift to cloud computing, made access through mobile devices ubiquitous and increased the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT). These developments have led to the attack surface being broadened significantly and defense becoming more complex. Given the scenario, enterprises are realizing that the need of the hour is an end to end, flexible and adaptive Managed Security Service(MSS) delivered as an integrated package. The Infosys Cyber Security Platform (iCSP) enables integrated incident monitoring, orchestration and automated response for protection against cyber-attacks. The platform provides a unified view of the security posture across the enterprise, leveraging analytics and automation, with agility, scalability, adaptability, and ability to integrate with diverse work environments, while maintaining a consistent level of service. Our engagement model covers advisory-led security transformation services, culminating in monitoring and support services providing a 24/7 managed model.


Challenges & Solutions

Leverage best in class threat management and monitoring solutions with proactive threat hunting of breaches with real time view of security controls across all enterprise assets.

Availability of real time dashboards and reports providing insights on a range of key cyber security metrics on a regular basis through an integrated portal.

Access to a range of on-demand SLA based Managed Security Services (MSS) and trusted advisory services to keep the enterprise up to date to prevent cyber security breaches.