Infosys rated as leader in ISG Provider Lens study on Data and Analytics Services 2019 in the Data Driven Business Model Category, US region


The ISG Provider Lens analyzed various software vendors and service providers in the US market based on multi phased research and analysis process and positioned Infosys as a leader based on ISG Research methodology.

Data Analytics Services and Solutions

Infosys has been ranked as Leader by the ISG Provider lens and some of the strengths that helped Infosys achieve this are below:

Ability to develop boundaryless data platforms: Boundaryless platforms include rapid big data ingestion, intelligent data lake stores and agile data science sandboxes. These are engineered with multi-point ingestion and metadata-driven, automated compute pipelines. These platforms enable seamless rollout of self-service BI, analytics and data marketplaces. The platforms are amplified by data democratization capabilities, analytics driven operational optimization, unique information delivery experiences and next-gen data governance on cloud, on-premises or hybrid data ecosystems.

Infosys Nia: Infosys’ Nia open source analytics platform can operationalize data assets. Nia encapsulates functionalities for data preparation, data integration, modelling, deployment and reports.

Investments: Infosys’ acquisition of Noah, WONGDOODY and Fluido, and its investment in startups including Waterline and Trifacta, have augmented its business analytics, consulting and cloud capabilities.

ISG Provider Lens believes that the Infosys’ 100x blueprint has a real value proposition for bringing together a large pool of data scientist with right mix of domain, technology and data science skills, coupled with more than 400 software assets, reusable models and industry solutions.