Conversational User Interface (CUI) – Transforming Customer Experience

Boom in technology and internet has brought dramatic changes in human lives. The evolving technology keeps businesses on their toes as the landscape evolves, customer demands keeps increasing and businesses need to live up to their demands, else they lose out to their competitors.

This POV shares an insight on the latest technology shift which is happening to enable always-available digital business, promoting trust and boosting reputation. A detailed view on the definition of Conversational User Interfaces (CUIs), where they can be used along with where they are currently being implemented to improve businesses and retain customers has been shared in this POV.

Gone are the days when customers stick to a particular brand. Now-a-days, customers are evaluating each product and service on the expectation scale rather than the loyalty scale. They will move to a substitute product or service the moment they are unconvinced or had a bad experience. Hence, businesses today are investing heavily in finding ways to enhance customer experience (CX).

According to a survey by a leading global customer experience and relationship management organization, 84% of the companies aspire to become CX Leaders. Customers remember the experience they have with a business much longer than the price of the product / service offering. UI remains one of the first customer interaction touchpoint in today’s era of internet. Designers continuously try to make Human - Computer Interaction (HCI) better for enhanced CX.

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