Enriching experiences using Customer Journey Mgmt., Personalized marketing, Channel Less Customer service, Real Time Decisions and Conversational UI’s.

Looking to leverage our offerings around Digital Process Automation?


Transform Organizations through Infosys Digital Process Automation Solutions driven by platforms like Bizagi, SAP and Low Code Enablers like Appian & Mendix. Build Future-Proof Applications with Simple Design & Deployment, Unified Data, and Automated Workflow. Modernize and create applications to positively impact Customer Journey Experience using solutions powered by Pega Robotics, UiPath and Blue Prism.

Few Accelerators identified by Infosys in this space are as follows: -

  • Contact Center Modernization with Robotics, BPM and AI - Increase the efficiency of contract centers by 50% by utilizing the power of BPM and Artificial Intelligence to make processes smarter, and decisions more adaptive. Apply robotics to automate repetitive human tasks freeing your customer associates’ time to focus on optimal customer engagement
  • Conversational UX for Customer Service - Transform an existing BPM customer service layer to provide intuitive conversational UX. Extend your BPM by understanding customer intents through natural language interface, understanding customer context across messaging and delivering voice platforms of users’ choice.
  • Reimagining Digital Customer Service - Leverage the power of interaction management, smart scripting, intelligent process guidance, context-sensitive views, and touch-friendly access from mobile devices for service personnel and customers, Enjoy the advantage of value-based service level management, quality performance management, social engagement capabilities for real-time listening, analyzing, and acting on social posts
  • Infosys McCamish VPAS® Customer Service Work Desk (CSWD) - Developed using CPMi framework, CSWD is a fully integrated customer service and workflow system that provides a unified, 360-degree view of the customer. Features like skill-based routing, comprehensive processing, and drill-down reporting help gain significant operational efficiencies and reduce agent onboarding time.

Challenges & Solutions

  • Leverage data to identify engagement opportunities at every stage of the customer journey.
  • Check the brand visibility and access
  • Identify the barriers that stop the customer from completing the sales process
  • Evaluate the customer onboarding and see if cross channel support is available

  • Operationalize real time decisions
  • Use Intelligent Analytics for achieving significant reduction in operational cost

  • Use of conversational Chatbots to directly capture customer needs
  • Manage intents, train & learn, understand context and render across platforms by integrating with AI & RPA

  • Integrate all Customer Touchpoints
  • Build a seamless customer engagement through Omni Channel capabilities
  • First touch resolution of customer pain points and IoT driven Proactive service