Build highly efficient and automated Digital Operations by transforming the core business operations and plug White Space between ERPs

Looking to leverage our offerings around Digital Process Automation?


Infosys DPA amplifies the potential to create personalized, contextual and dynamic experiences. Digitizing Operations helps tie together the discrete moments of Automation along the continuum of work which is powered by RPA, BPM and AI. Participate in the wave of Digital Transformation by exploring RPA and AI capabilities along the automation spectrum for capturing data, making decisions and customer engagement. Some Infosys Accelerators in digitizing business operations are:

  • Robotics for Process Automation and Zero Code Integration - Use of robotics to automate human tasks, drive productivity and provide code-less integration. Quick and agile deployment without disrupting your existing legacy systems resulting in clear business case and time to value
  • Dynamic Case Management - This framework in Appian uses next-generation tools of social BPM and mobile UI to help enhance operations and unstructured work. It provides the ability to generate and modify processes during operation. It also allows for real-time monitoring of the case, provides case context to each actor, and extends Appian functionality to support collaboration among the various actors
  • OCR based Invoice Processing - Extract specific data from invoices such as invoice number, vendor name, and amount payable to automate entry into Account Payable / ERP system. Designed to reduce the time needed to process invoices and thereby reduce the amount of human involvement.

Challenges & Solutions

  • Improve Standardization of Process Workflows and Reduce Error Rates.
  • Improve adherence and accuracy percentage through AI and RPA by reducing the operational risk
  • High Risk Incident Compliance Cost Avoidance

  • Understand the nature of the task to classify it as Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured
  • Conduct Cost-Benefit Analysis to understand the extent of automation
  • Use Low code Automation that build business friendly solutions

  • Develop a Dynamic Case Management Framework to enhance operations and work on unstructured tasks
  • Ensure Quality and timely email handling to reduce traffic on other inbound channels
  • Reduce Turn Around and Waiting Time by handling unexpected changes through SLA’s

  • Eliminate Manual Data Entry
  • Capture data from unstructured documents using cognitive ability and AI
  • Integrate unstructured data into business applications by ingestion, classification, extraction and validation of data