Infosys Fluid DPA, part of Infosys Cobalt, can help enterprises to benefit from process improvements by harnessing business insights that drives agility across systems, processes, and people. Reinventing DIGITAL will be the new imperative to innovate & transform Business models.

Our capabilities and solutions impart intelligence into existing products (Reinvent), and helps build intelligent products from scratch, allowing for adaptive ecosystem interactions.

Accelerating Digital Process Automation


By mining existing processes to identify the right exceptions, our accelerators discover moments of truth that helps remove frictions in interactions and transactions.

Infosys has successfully delivered in this space with a set of value packs that help organizations to re-align themselves in the event of process changes and redesign the way work gets done


Challenges & Solutions

Quite often organizations resort to implement standardizations on key processes or meticulous mega processes which often leads to silos and sprawls. Unable to administer these, organizations often resort back to old processes.

Infosys Business Process Modeling Framework is a unique structured methodology with proven templates to capture and formally describe business processes. The framework is built with best practices, experience, and learnings from real-life business process modeling engagements. The strategy is tool agnostic and flexible to be used across modeling tools like ARIS, Sparx, Tibco Nimbus, IBM BlueWorks live etc

Process improvement opportunities often get snagged with a multitude of variables such as country-specific product attributes, customer characteristics, regulations, and policies. Our accelerators are aimed to deliver outcomes for and beyond by adapting to these variations effectively.

Infosys Process Harmonization Framework offers a rational transition to streamline operations and simplify business rules while allowing for variability to cater multiple Markets / Region / lines of business. The solution comes as a ready reckoner for enterprises planning to embark on multi country Business Transformation Initiatives.

With the growing possibilities of routine business process automations, the need for a quality framework that integrates process modelling and mining to achieve self-governing business decision modelling is paramount.

Our Process Automation Opportunity Identification Framework is a robust approach to identify right candidates for Process Automation. It allows skimming of multiple process areas, classify, and assess them as potential candidates for BPM, RPA, AI, and SOA implementation.

Changes prorogated by ERP landscape updates cascade greater impacts to existing business functions. Workaround to adjust traditional processes could help short term adaptation, but a more sustainable approach will be to build the ability within platforms to make them agile, to innovate and evolve with changes

Infosys Process Automation Solution – This solution combines the power of process mining, case management and deaccessioning that simplifies the process landscape.

The solutions help’s organizations avoid expensive ERP customizations to handle process variations, exceptions and simplifies upgrades.

Deploying automations to do the heavy lifting within organizations calls for the co-existence of digital workforce and knowledge workers. It becomes extremely tedious to monitor and measure hybrid process outcomes effectively.

Our Process harmonization framework allows enterprises to efficiently manage and monitor hybrid processes with real time – digital insights and intelligent automation.