Leveraging real time intelligence to drive contextual, relevant and personalized products, services, promotions and interactions to driving ARPC, retention and acquisition

Looking to leverage our offerings around Digital Process Automation?


Infosys Insights to Action Platforms leverages the use of AI and domain expertise for smarter decision making. Our solution platform is capable of choosing the best action based on event processing, pattern analysis, action flows and suitability tests. Experience the transformation in Business Framework through Domain Driven Design for delivering memorable customer journeys. Some key Accelerators for Insights to Action Capability:

  • Sentiment Analysis Dashboard - This intuitive solution helps enterprises understand customer sentiments across various channels, such as online communities, email, and helpdesk. With this powerful analytics, enterprises can plan and track business decisions to convert brand adversaries into advocates. This helps create a great customer service story for organizations.
  • Smart AI Driven Decision - Utilizes the power of Artificial Intelligence to make smart decisions dynamically based on adaptive learning. Leverage investments in big data and the process orchestration engine to drive actionable, context based and smarter decisions. AI driven smart solutions learn quickly from the environment and cumulative data including customer behavior data and apply the learning dynamically to create optimal solutions.
  • Transformation Framework for next-gen Telcos - Innovate to deliver Omni channel Sales, automation in service and dynamic interactions while monetizing value moments at every step of the customer journey. Wrap around core Telecom operational processes to provide real time personalization and superior customer experience to end customers across multiple touch points.

Challenges & Solutions

  • Aggregate data from different sources and apply predictive intelligence and decision making tools
  • Matching varied data of a customer into single identity
  • Using Decision Rules, Strategy Flows and Case Management for converting the insights into action

  • Achieving a reasonable Insights to Action Conversion Ratio through solutions driven by Pega Customer Decision hub
  • Use Infosys Insights to Action platform that has enriching features such as event processing, pattern tracking & detection to arrive at an action

  • Evaluation of outcomes will showcase the true potential of savings due to smart decisions
  • Use statistics and modeling to calculate the percentage of actions actually acceptable