Simplify and Redesign the way work gets done. Define and Manage Business Process to eliminate errors, Improved Accuracy and Efficiency

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Infosys Business Process Modelling Solution offers a set of value packs that help organizations to re-align themselves in the event of process changes. It defines the business capabilities and processes are decomposed to granular level activity and tasks. Infosys delivers BPM Solutions across 3 phases: Strategy, Define & Elicitation, Modeling & Maintenance with the help of tools such as ARIS, MEGA, Sparx, iGrafx. Multiple Automation & Optimization Techniques are adopted that are in line with Process Excellence Principles. Infosys has successfully delivered in this space for challenges such as Business Transformation, Cross Region Process Maintenance, Inconsistent System Architecture that have benefitted our client partners in all industry verticals. Some of the Accelerators for reimagining business processes are: -

  • InBizMo - Infosys Business Process Modeling Methodology. Unique structured methodology with proven templates to capture and formally describe business processes. With best practices, experience and learning from real-life business process modeling engagements. Tool Agnostic and Flexible to be used across modeling tools like ARIS, Sparx, Tibco Nimbus, IBM BlueWorks live etc.
  • Process Automation Opportunity Identification Framework - Robust Approach to identify candidates for Process Automation. Allows skimming through quickly access multiple different process areas, classify assessed process as potential candidates for BPM, RPA, AI and SOA implementation and prioritize automation opportunities on basis of Tech and Business impact
  • Infosys Process Harmonization Framework - Process Harmonization offers a rational transition to streamline operations and simplify business rules while allowing for variability to cater to multiple Markets / Region / lines of business Process Harmonization is an ideal first step prior to embarking on multi country Business Transformation Initiatives

Challenges & Solutions

  • Collaborate with the right Process Owners and synchronize with Business Owners
  • Create correct and consistent mapping of application systems and related data
  • Fall in line with Enterprise Architecture and by capturing the correct Process & Business variants across regions

Streamline operations and simplify business rules using Infosys InBizMo Methodology Define Business Landscape, Meta Models & Standards, Elicit AS-IS Process, Perform Gap Analysis, Define TO-BE Process, Perform Quality Check of Business Process and Maintain Process Models

  • Process Driven Approach incorporating leading Industry Standards
  • Develop Process and Application Modeling Standards
  • Develop Templates to capture lowest level detail
  • Coordinate between various SME’s and review the application maps, business process models

Identify opportunities for process efficiencies, cost reduction and enhanced customer experience