NextGen Idea Management Platform


Labstorm is a NextGen Collaboration and Idea Management Platform which facilitates direct engagement of employees & stakeholders and enables organizations to leverage the collective wisdom of their workforce to transform ideas into business solutions.

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Labstorm 2.0 leverages the Zero Distance philosophy thereby helping employees ideate and gather perspectives from colleagues, domain experts, peer groups & practitioners. Labstorm allows distributed teams to collaborate and brainstorm issues of concern under the umbrella of a focused campaign. It provides an enriching experience for tangible innovation and research. It not only provides a stage for crowdsourcing of ideas, but also a symposium for discussion of business or process problems within the organization.

It comes with an evaluation module which helps in the assessment of ideas based on Desirability, Feasibility & Viability framework. Users can now explore new features such as Problem Management and Discussion Management.


Challenges & Solutions

The Idea Management System has an built-in recommended system which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to determine the similar ideas already submitted.

The idea management system has inbuilt visualization, which indicates the participation in terms number of ideas submitted over a time period. If the graph is on the declining path, the coordinators can take corrective action to ensure better participation.

Labstorm has a comprehensive evaluation module to shortlist high potential ideas with the assessment of ideas based on aspects of desirability, feasibility & viability.