Infosys Cyber Security Platform applies Artificial Intelligence (AI), Security Analytics, Machine Learning (ML) and Cognitive Automation to enable enterprises to combat the onslaught of cyber-attacks predictively. Infosys Cyber Security Platform is an integrated deep security solution encompassing users, applications, data and infrastructure. It brings in cognitive automation to routine cyber security tasks.

How does Infosys deliver value to customers in the area of Cyber Security?


Our integrated approach to enterprise security helps you focus on the needs of your business, while we help you build customer trust. This new solution utilizes self-learning analytics and user behavior analytics techniques that monitor activity across multiple assets and real-time data streams in order to identify threats as they occur without having specific knowledge of the exact signature. These analytics immediately detect anomalies in network traffic and data flows, while also quickly recognizing new “normal” activity, thus minimizing false-positive alerts.

Platform Features

  • Predictive Security
    • ML Algorithms to build threat models
    • Ability to learn behavior models and detect anomalies
    • Ability to extract rules to detect new attack patterns
  • Integrated and Automated Cyber Security
    • Automated Incident response workflow
    • Pre-integrated COTS security products
    • Centralized Security Operations Center (SOC)
    • Single pane of glass for comprehensive view across security solutions
  • SaaS Platform
    • Cloud platform that can be deployed in multi-tenant SaaS mode or as single tenant on premise
    • Managed security services available on subscription basis
    • Offers Self-Service portal where users can raise requests for various services like vulnerability scans, malware analysis, user onboarding, identity management and so on.

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Cyber Security Platform applies machine learning algorithms to build threat models with the ability to learn behavior models and detect anomalies and extract rules to detect new attack patterns.

Through the Infosys integrated approach, we proactively manage digital data across the service chain of people, systems, and processes, so security initiatives don’t remain locked in ineffective silos.

Infosys Cyber Security Platform provides prebuilt CISO dashboards with overall organization security posture. Leverages Big data Analytics and Stream processing technologies to detect anomalies in near real-time across multiple sources.

With Infosys Cyber Security Platform offers Application Vulnerability Management as a service. Security is assured while the application is developed. Our threat repository is updated with the latest data that helps plug application vulnerabilities.

Infosys Cyber Security Platform offers Data Security as a service that helps know where your sensitive information resides. Applies protection controls in-line with information classification resulting in reduced data breaches, minimized regulatory penalties and optimized security investments.

Infosys Cyber Security Platform provides an intelligent, integrated and automated security events and incidents management solution as a service. It offers a real-time view of security incidents. Pre-packaged solution modules save cost and time. Reduces false positives.