Mobility Testing services

Infosys Mobility Testing services deliver robust and high-performing mobile applications to enterprises. Our automated services ensure that the applications you build have ample regression coverage, accelerate time-to-market and deliver superior customer experience across mobile devices. Companies working with Infosys have been able to achieve higher scores on customer experience indexes, lower costs, and improved time-to-market by up to 50%.

Our services help

  • Improve customer experience by leveraging Infosys IP which provides better visibility into potential end user issues
  • Accelerate time-to-market while simultaneously reducing effort by up to 50%
  • Optimize cost up to 30% through parallel execution on multiple devices


The Infosys QA offering provides end-to-end testing from functional to specialized testing across the following areas.

Advisory services

  • Maturity Assessment
  • Test Strategy
  • Tools Evaluation
  • Automation Framework
  • Mobile Testing CoE setup

Functional services

  • Device diversity
  • System Integration and Acceptance Testing
  • Cross Browser
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Omni Channel
  • API Testing
  • App Factory validation

Automation and DevOps

  • Progressive automation
  • Keyword and data driven automation
  • UI automation
  • Creation of jobs and orchestration
  • Continuous Testing

Specialized services

  • Experience Testing
  • Performance of device, carrier, server
  • Security Services
  • Accessibility Compliance
  • App Store pre-certification

Mobile device cloud

  • Private and public cloud setups
  • Device Management
  • Automation in Cloud
  • On Demand usage

Solutions and Frameworks

Infosys Mobile Automation Framework

A test automation accelerator that speeds up the automation of functional test suites. Its pre-built functional libraries can reduce the overall test script development time. Implemented in Java, the framework is platform independent, robust and secure.

Infosys Network Impact Testing Suite

Enables validation of app performance on different network conditions in a controlled lab environment.

Infosys Customer Experience Index

Provides a consolidated view of the customer experience, listing comprehensive coverage on social, performance, accessibility, and security requirements.

Infosys Customer Sentiment Analytics

Analyzes user feedback data from mobile apps and social media to provide valuable insights about customer usage patterns and top trending issues relevant to QA, including:

  • Analysis of unstructured data from Android and iOS mobile apps, Facebook and Twitter
  • Real-time learning that helps identify issues with apps such as functional, performance etc.
  • Intuitive visualization: Graphical data, word cloud, filters, and more
  • View of user sentiments and experiences



Digital Experience and Coverage Index

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