Knowledge Curation Platform (Ki)

Share knowledge. Collaborate better.

Infosys Knowledge Curation Platform delivers an interactive environment for all stakeholders to curate and enrich their knowledge. By abstracting the integration of multiple Infosys tools (internal and external), we help you expand coverage of information capture, enrich your knowledge repository and simplify the manual effort needed for curation.

The Curation Platform offers:

  • Single source of truth with summary and detailed views through an interactive and easily navigable interface
  • Decision-making process for various stakeholders such as business users, modernization specialists and support engineers
  • Semi-automated extraction and curation of knowledge, comprising technical information as well as business logic
  • Value-added insights and reports on anti-patterns in code, as well as opportunities for optimization
  • Interactive navigation of hierarchies and flow dependencies for impact analysis and test planning

Download this joint whitepaper by Infosys and AWS to find answers to these, realize benefits in addition to just cost savings, and a lot more.

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