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Tools and Platforms

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Knowledge Curation Platform (Ki)

Share knowledge. Collaborate better.

Infosys Knowledge Curation Platform delivers an interactive environment for all stakeholders to curate and enrich knowledge. By abstracting the integration of multiple Infosys tools (internal and external), we help you expand coverage of information capture, enrich your knowledge repository and simplify manual effort needed for curation.

The Curation Platform offers:

  • A single source of truth with a summary and detailed views through an interactive and easily navigable interface
  • Faster decision-making for various stakeholders such as business users, modernization specialists and support engineers
  • Semi-automated extraction and curation of knowledge comprising technical information as well as business logic
  • Value-added insights and reports on anti-patterns in code as well as opportunities for optimization
  • Interactive navigation of hierarchies and flow dependencies for impact analysis and test planning

Legacy Code Analyzer

Transform legacy into state-of-the-art

Now, your SMEs can free up time and effort with our accelerated reverse engineering process. The Infosys Legacy Code Analyzer automates knowledge extraction and analysis of source code from large code bases. It helps you perform detailed inventory analysis of the applications to extract technical metadata. Built with extensive and customizable reporting capabilities, this tool streamlines technical assessments and data collection, delivering over 60% productivity and time benefits.

Data Services Suite

Data migration with ease

The Infosys Data Services Suite helps you efficiently carry out data migration while reducing your Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) development effort by 37%.

Some key features of this tool are:

  • Stage schema creation
  • Data standardization using fuzzy logic
  • Business rules modeler and rules engine
  • Enterprise rules repository
  • Test case generation
  • Test data comparison using advanced hash techniques for massive data
  • F-manage for voluminous data loading
Cloud Testing Suite

Test on-cloud to stay agile on the ground

Infosys Cloud Testing Suite helps organizations maximize the benefits from their cloud migration. Given the wide range of cloud configurations available, additional test dimensions are required. We enable testing teams to create the right test strategy, redefine estimation models, rethink test environments, set new benchmarks, shorten test cycles, and test in a ‘live upgrade’ mode.

Our end-to-end services help you at every stage enabling you to better analyze, estimate, plan, pilot, validate, and optimize your cloud migration journey. You can de-risk your cloud migrations by leveraging our services that define a customized risk-based test strategy, create a thorough risk profile and identify suitable test measures. We set up cloud testing environments in various configurations both on and off the cloud to help you adapt better to the cloud. Further, by testing new benchmarks with Infosys’ Cloud Testing Suite, you can maximize your cloud leverage.

Unparalleled experience

  • 28,000+ mainframe developers and technology leads
  • 900+ mainframe modernization projects
  • 20+ Infosys modernization tools and partnership with 10+ external tool providers
  • Strategic partnership with MSFT and AWS for cloud adoption

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