Key Challenges

The client, a European insurance major, was faced with multiple challenges. On the business front, they were dependent on bank mainframe infrastructure for document generation and couldn’t benefit from a modernized platform. On the IT front, there was a lack of availability of well-documented business rules, skills on GML and GML patterns. They needed a major overhaul of their systems.

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Infosys automated the parser and testing comparison; improved time to market deployment by 50%

Infosys enabled 70% overall automation, particularly in code generation for business rules, and output or static text from GML paragraphs

Ensured standardized code and consistent quality

Reduced manual testing effort by 75% owing to custom and freeware PDF comparison tools

Took a phased development and implementation approach, defined on the type of documents

Custom developed GML parser

Custom developed PDF comparison tool to identify text differences between documents of as-is and to-be systems

Adopted an iterative approach for parser development for each phase

Mass tested all test cases from production over the past two years