Key Challenges

The client – a leader in designer apparel, shoes, and beauty products – was incurring high costs associated with leasing, maintaining, and supporting their mainframe systems. They required certain legacy applications in the store operations area with high MIPS-usage to be migrated.

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Transitioned to a high performance, low-MIPS platform

Improved real-time transaction throughput from 35 to 75 transactions per second

Improved performance and reduced batch window

Transitioned to a high-performance, low-MIPS mainframe, resulting in year-on-year cost savings

Designed solution to address mainframe performance and cost issues

Migrated two business-critical applications with high MIPS-usage, 478 COBOL programs, 1.2 MLOC and 98 DB2 tables with 200 GB of data to SQL server 2005

Identified re-engineering and re-hosting candidates through app profiling

Multiple stages of testing with parallel ‘run to production’ ensured data correctness, and tuning to reduce batch window

Custom built security solution, third party security, and printing packages costs were high; Developed new components to enable scheduling in Micro Focus