Key Challenges

Given the sheer size and scale of business processes, our client – a leading bank operating in the US – needed application rationalization, cost optimization initiatives, and the integration of disparate channels, to do business efficiently and meet customer expectations. They needed a complete overhaul of their obsolete IT landscape, and an IT partner with proven capabilities and cutting-edge expertise.

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Seamless, efficient business by integrating disparate channels

Achieved the key business objective of teller platform transformation within a year

Achieved faster time-to-market through key initiatives like mobile banking

Defined solution architecture principles, decentralizing decision-making

Empowered teams to take decisions independently

Obsolete IT landscape overhaul

Financial transaction workflows across major channels were analyzed

Existing rules in batch systems for non-financial transactions were analyzed to write new modules

Reusable models were identified and cloned, and invoked by CTG as integration services

Governance rules were prepared for various layers in compliance with JADR