Infosys Business Assurance Store solution is a knowledge-based solution with a broad base (one million test cases) and deep insights into 15+ domains, technologies, products, and packages.

The solution reduces test planning effort by 30 to 35 percent, offers continuous testing, and minimizes dependency on subject matter experts (SMEs) and is a comprehensive learning solution for artificial intelligence (AI), automation and security verification.

Looking for solutions to reduce test planning effort while minimizing dependency on SMEs?

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How Infosys Business Assurance Store solution helps enterprises:

  • The Infosys Business Assurance Store integrates well with the Infosys AI testing platform and the Infosys Quality Assurance workbench. This presents a comprehensive and future-proof business assurance solution that drives productivity as well as revenue gains
  • Drive AI and automation testing and a new way of learning through the knowledge repository

Challenges & Solutions

Helps organizations leverage existing assets across various stakeholders. Strong integration with third-party solutions along with Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and IDE plugins significantly reduce time and effort spent in reuse
Accelerates the testing lifecycle and offers specialized testing services for next-gen capabilities in security, IoT, data services, etc. Promotes reusability with test cases that are applicable in over 10 industry domains/verticals, Inclusive of over 15 products/packages (vision Plus, GPP, etc.,) and Compatible with over 14 technologies

Has an in-built smart search engine that facilitates quick keyword search while writing test cases

Leverages machine learning tools for traceability, knowledge clustering, and optimization